Commercial Appeal Letter to the Editor: Looking Sharp in Soulsville

Last Saturday morning, I was at Elmwood Cemetery and encountered a group of eighth-graders from the Soulsville Charter School as they participated in a guided tour. As a former educator of middle and high school age children, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the ways in which they were engaged in the project. They paid attention, asked questions and every one of them showed quiet respect and reverence when a long funeral procession passed by them.

That night, I witnessed another group from the same school, these sixth-graders, at the Eroica Ensemble performance. They were equally attentive and were appropriately appreciative of the Beethoven symphony.

It’s clear that the administration, faculty and staff at the Soulsville Charter School are doing a wonderful job and that the children in their charge are on their way to bright futures. Bravo!

Anne Fisher


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Posted November 18, 2011 at midnight

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  1. Chris brown says:

    I’m a big soul fan from Toronto. In the late eighties I came to Memphis on a pilgrimage and saw the old star theater before it was torn down.Myfriend and I are comingback may 29thand 30th. We would love to see some real soul live but it seems most venues are only offering blues Does the school have any concerts onat that time or can anyone steer us toward a soulful venue? Regards Chris